About us

Nazarie Pardazan Parsian  Company (NAPPACO) was established in 2006 with the aim of supplying specialized IT‌ requirements of the country and now with the cooperation of a group of managers…ادامه مطلب(More)About us


Design and consulting One of the main activities of Nazarie Pardazan Parsian Engineering Company is providing consulting and designing various computer networks including LAN and Active and Passive, WAN, Wireless…ادامه مطلب(More)Engineering

Technical support services

This service includes the management, maintenance and support of hardware equipment and software and information systems since the establishment of the company as one of the main services provided by…ادامه مطلب(More)Technical support services


Data network is considered as one of the inevitable components of all organizations. The dependence of all electronic services of organizations on the communication platform, the added values ​​of information…ادامه مطلب(More)Network

نظریه پردازان پارسیان( Nappaco)

واحدهای نپاکو( Nappaco units)

Business unit

Business, Marketing and Sales Unit: The business, marketing and sales unit is one of the main pillars of the company, which consists of sections such as marketing and market development,…ادامه مطلب(More)Business unit

Support And After-Sales Service Unit

This unit, while using all its scientific and technical support, as well as its expert experience in providing services to customers, tries to adopt effective methods in supporting its services.…ادامه مطلب(More)Support And After-Sales Service Unit

Technical Department

One of the important departments in Nazarie Pardazan Parsian Company is the technical unit, which in addition to completing all projects on time, is also responsible for the following tasks:…ادامه مطلب(More)Technical Department

Specialized repairs of Nazarieh Pardazan Parsian (Nappaco)

Another service that Nazarie Pardazan Parsian Company offers to its customers is hardware service and repairs. This includes repairs and troubleshooting: 1. Printers 2. Servers 3. Switches 4. Routers 5.…ادامه مطلب(More)Specialized repairs of Nazarieh Pardazan Parsian (Nappaco)

انواع خدمات فنی پشتیبانی(A variety of technical support services)